A side-by-side rundown of where the major candidates stand on our key challenges. Balancing the budget? Fighting fraud? Being transparent, open with citizens? Pensions? Who stands with you? Check out the Reboot Illinois one-stop, digital election scorecard for all the answers. Who wins your vote? Our scorecard will help you decide. Award-winning journalists Matt Dietrich & Madeleine Doubek offer up the cheat sheet to break down the issues for you.

Republican Treasurer race

1. What about balancing the budget?

Running on a platform bring the financial acumen of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and banker to the state. Illinois has never had a CPA in the Treasurer’s Office.

Tom Cross-illinois-treasurer-endorsement

I was a prosecutor for nine years, and that’s a positive in this office for me. The courts are not always the way to solve problems, but I’m not afraid to go to court to say we will do that to balance the budget.”/I think you can be the fiscal watchdog for the people of the state of Illinois in that treasurer’s office, and that’s what I want to do with it.


Will use full power of office, including legal remedies to seek to balance budget.



2. What about stopping fraud?

Established an Audit Hotline in DuPage County to citizens an effective way to help fight government waste and corruption.

Tom Cross-illinois-treasurer-endorsement

Will establish a Government Integrity Unit inside the Treasurer’s office, composed of financial experts, former prosecutors and law enforcement officials who will be charged with the task of reviewing state financial documents to ensure their accuracy and protect state pension funds from corruption and fraud.


3. What about being open with citizens?

In 2008, he posted the check registry of DuPage County online. It became the first Illinois county to become transparent in that regard.

Tom Cross-illinois-treasurer-endorsement

Cross promises to give out information on state finances every month so taxpayers know how the state is doing.


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