Earlier we published this Top 10 list, which extolled the virtues of Illinoisans as a resilient lot.

As it turned out, not everyone shared our optimism, least of all our many Facebook friends. This Top 10 is dedicated to the not-so-optimistic Facebook commenters who shared their complaints on our previous list.

Top 10 Reasons Why People From Illinois Are Grumpy

going to work

10. Many public employees can retire at 55; you’re still slogging it to rebuild your 401K from the Great Recession.

crying eating lunch

9. Some public employees can continue to work at 55 and start accruing a second pension; you’re still brown-bagging lunch to save for your retirement.

high gas prices

8. Filling up at the pump is still the costliest in the nation, but you still drive 30 miles every day to work.

Are you kidding me!?

7. You pay state income taxes according to the law; corporations pay taxes according to who they know.

Futurama stupid

6. Your income taxes went up in 2011; education funding went down.

crying gif

5. For every dollar you pay in income tax, nearly $0.25 goes to someone else’s pension fund.

why would you do that

4. You want your kid to be in a better school, but Springfield puts the brakes on more charter schools.


3. You miss your grandkids on weekends because your kids left Illinois to find a better job elsewhere.


2. Your local politician has his/her whole family on his/her payroll.

not impressed

1. You don’t bother voting because you think the system is rigged.

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