We’ve got a history of the 2014 Illinois governor race in the form of cartoons right here. Starting from back when Lisa Madigan and Bill Daley were thinking about running and through the primary election, this gallery will continually be updated throughout the election cycle.

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  1. Rod Blagojevich: A Human Cartoon
  2. Here’s a gallery of our favorite editorial cartoons from 2013.
  3. This collection focuses exclusively on cartoons about political corruption in Illinois.
  4. Our last governor was a bit of a human cartoons. Check out this slide show of cartoons all about him.
  5. Stantis made a pictorial comment on Gov. Pat Quinn’s latest and short-lived appointment to head the state’s child welfare agency. See it here.



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Here are seven challenges Illinois voters must study” By Madeleine Doubek, Reboot Illinois

It’s not all on the candidates. Illinois voters and citizens have responsibilities too.

Last week, Republican governor nominee Bruce Rauner held his first major policy press conference with a “Bring Back Blueprint” and three live chickens. To say the policy, blueprint and chickens left much to be desired would be an understatement. Rauner’s effort, after running for governor or preparing to run to be governor for more than 18 months, was widely panned b editorial boards, columnists, his opponents and others from one end of the state to the other.

It contained few specifics and betrayed a lack of understanding of the complexity of a major state government. Either that, or Rauner and his advisers think voters will believe you can sell state airplanes, bank the profit and, poof, lawmakers who come from all over the state can travel back and forth using free floo powder like Harry Potter and pals.

But lawmakers and bureaucrats still will need to travel the state somehow and taxpayers still will need to fund that travel.  Eliminating airplanes likely only lengthens travel times and puts state employees in cars driving (while not working or texting, I’d hope).

Do voters stop to think that through? I’m really not sure enough of us do, but we need to start. And those of us who do also need to encourage our friends and neighbors to join us in thinking critically about these campaigns and the platitudes both Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn, Rauner and all Democrats and Republicans offer.

Think about it. Are we the ones responsible for electing so many governors who wound up in prison? I’d argue we are, in part. I know many of us in the media reported investigation after investigation about ridiculous, fishy, questionable things Rod Blagojevich was saying, doing and overseeing, and yet, he won a second term as governor.