Racked up any expenses on your credit card lately? You’re not alone. Check out our list below to see which states have the highest average credit card debt per borrower. The Washington Post’s full interactive map is here.

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Which states have the highest credit card debt?

Racked up any expenses on your credit card lately? You’re not alone. Scroll to see the top 15 states with the highest average credit card debts.
  1. ALASKA: $6,910
  2. COLORADO: $5,625
  3. CONNECTICUT: $5,617
  4. NORTH CAROLINA: $5,548
  5. WASHINGTON, D.C.: $5,499
  6. NEW JERSEY: $5,484
  7. SOUTH CAROLINA: $5,389
  8. MARYLAND: $5,345
  9. GEORGIA: $5,343
  10. VIRGINIA: $5,329
  11. NEW HAMPSHIRE: $5,329
  12. WASHINGTON: $5,269
  13. DELAWARE: $5,234
  14. TEXAS: $5,173
  15. ILLINOIS: $5,166
Source: The Washington Post

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